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While Antica Farmacista is loved for its packaging and its innovations in home ambiance, the heart of the brand is the fragrances themselves. Made with superior formulations and only the finest ingredients in unique combinations, each scent truly embodies the authenticity and heritage of Antica Farmacista. With a range of signature scents that appeal to both men and women, Antica Farmacista prides itself on its ability to change the feel of the room and the allure of the body in a powerful, yet never overpowering way.


  • by Name

    Explore the art of ambiance with Antica through our extensive collection
    of complex fragrance fusions.

    • Acqua

      Reminiscent of a delicate sea breeze, aqua is a blend of sweet musk and the cool blue notes of marine algae. A favorite of those who prefer a light fresh unisex fragrance.

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    • Ala Moana

      Reminiscent of the lush humid nights experienced on the islands of the tropics, this signature scent, meaning "path to the sea" is a beautiful heady floral. Night blooming jasmine, plumeria, tuberose and gardenia create an intoxicating floral blend. Refreshing lush green notes add a crisp clean infusion to this luscious scent.

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      Ala Moana
    • Baby

      A beautiful soft scent, inspired by the purity and freshness of baby.
      Built on notes of soft peach, sparkling citrus and sheer floral notes of lavender,
      may rose and bigarade. Powdery white musk, honeyed almond and creamy
      Tahitian vanilla round out this sweet, calming scent reminiscent
      of baby fresh.

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    • Bergamot & Ocean Aria

      Bergamotto e Aria Di Oceano

      A beautiful fragrance built on the allure of the ocean and its captivating ambiance. Fresh ozonic saltwater notes blend with soft jasmine and lavender while crisp bergamot adds a glistening effervescence. Soft warm notes of white musk and lush oakmoss complete this captivating scent.

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      Bergamot & Ocean Aria
    • Casablanca

      The Casablanca Lily fragrance, long considered the most beautiful of the lily species, brings with it a warm intoxicating fragrance appreciated by men and women alike. The intoxicating Casablanca lily captures the exotic floral ylang ylang with subtle notes of clove result in this sophisticated, intriguingly familiar fragrance.

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    • Coriander, Lotus & Cucumber

      Coriandolo, Fiori di Loto e Cetriolo

      A fresh green fragrance built on spicy notes of coriander and the sparkling water notes of cucumber. Hints of Mediterranean olive and sweet Crenshaw melon imbue a beautiful softness while the royal lotus flower adds an alluring subtle floralcy.
      A delicate scent evoking serenity and purity.

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      Coriander, Lotus & Cucumber
    • Grapefruit


      Antica’s intricate expression process of the grapefruit peel
      results in a clean and invigorating fragrance that captures
      the essence of pure single-note grapefruit. An Italian favorite
      for centuries, Grapefruit is adored in any area of the home
      and loved by both men and women.

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    • Green Fig

      Fico Verde

      This scent begins with fresh green notes of cut grass, luscious notes of fruit
      and soft violet, then softly envelopes you in the sweetness of wild fig. A finishing drydown of powdery sandalwood round out this harmonious scent; reminiscent
      of a stroll through a sun-drenched fig grove.

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      Green Fig
    • Holiday

      Introducing a classic winter fragrance of crisp evergreen notes,
      dusted in glistening snow, conjuring memories of a sparkling
      holiday season. Fragrant Italian Cypress, Stone Pine and Redwood fir
      needle are complemented by the subtle sweetness of roasted
      chestnut and caramelized sugar crystals. Rich vetiver and bright
      notes of champaca round out this beautiful complex
      evergreen fragrance, celebrating the sparkle of the season.

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    • Lavender & Lime Blossom

      Lavanda e Fiore di Tiglio

      A soft yet sparkly fragrance fusion built on pure lavender from Provence.
      Bright notes of French verveine add an uplifting citrus component to the legendary lavender scent, known to calm the senses. A subtle floral infusion of crisp lime blossom rounds out this lovely fragrance.

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      Lavender & Lime Blossom
    • Lemon, Verbena & Cedar

      Limone, Verbena e Cedro

      A wonderfully complex twist on a traditional citrus scent. Invigorating notes of tart lemon, orange and lemongrass mingle with notes of fresh Italian verbena. Subtle white florals follow and round out this delicate scent built on notes of cedarwood.
      A fresh bright and complex citrus experience.

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      Lemon, Verbena & Cedar
    • Lustrous Fire

      El Fuoco di Lustro

      A heavenly scent built on deep earthy notes of guiacwood, oakmoss
      and cedarwood. Its dry smokiness is balanced beautifully with lush evergreen
      notes of fir needle. Subtle herbal notes soften the amber musk, resulting in a divine dark fragrance, evoking wintery fireside evenings.

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      Lustrous Fire
    • Magnolia, Orchid & Mimosa

      Magnolie, Orchidea e Mimosa

      A spirited feminine scent that blends the fragrance of the majestic
      white Magnolia flower with the aromatic Orchid, one of the most
      treasured flowers of the plant kingdom. When enhanced with
      Mimosa, the winter-blooming yellow flower of the Bailey Acacia
      Tree the result is reminiscent of blooming flowers on a warm,
      humid night.

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      Magnolia, Orchid & Mimosa
    • Manhattan

      In honor of the classic cocktail and the city that never sleeps. Our tribute to both is a captivating infusion evoking warmth, sparkle, and mystery.

      Top notes of zesty Satsuma and bergamot citrus balance the spice and aromatic black pepper. A subtle brandied cherry note is an elegant accompaniment to the rich notes of deep cognac, vetiver, amber and bourbon.

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    • No. 11 (Noel)

      Numero Undici

      A modern twist on the classic pomander holiday fragrance. Sicilian mandarin, French verbena and blood orange top notes brighten the traditional holiday spice scents of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and spruce. Earthy neroli softens the citrus
      and spice resulting in a gorgeous version of a holiday favorite.

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      No. 11 (Noel)
    • Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine

      Fiori d'Arancio, Lillà e Gelsomino

      A gorgeous rendition of a classic orange blossom scent. This bright fragrance
      begins with captivating citrus notes of mandarin and Sicilian lemon blending beautifully with floral notes of orange blossoms, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley.
      This floral scent is beautifully balanced and exhilarating.

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      Orange Blossom, Lilac & Jasmine
    • Peonia, Gardenia & Rosa

      Peonia, Gardenia e Rosa

      Inspired by the world’s most romantic gardens, Peonia, Gardenia & Rosa
      transports you to the heart of a blooming flower garden. Heady floral notes
      of peonia, rose and gardenia mix with unexpected herbal lemon citrus
      notes. Subtle woodsy notes result in a soft, powdery and decidedly
      romantic finish to a beautiful and feminine fragrance.

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      Peonia, Gardenia & Rosa
    • Pomegranate, Currant & Blood Orange

      Melegrana, Currante e Arancia Sangue

      A mesmerizing fragrance built on clean citrus notes of Italian
      blood orange and grapefruit. Complemented beautifully with
      luscious black currant and the sweet earthy notes of
      pomegranate, the result is a bright and sparkling scent.

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      Pomegranate, Currant & Blood Orange
    • Prosecco (Champagne)

      Top notes of Satsuma citrus balance with subtle floral notes of muguet.
      Apricot and passionfruit complement the sweetness of sugared black
      currant. A crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of
      Prosecco and Champagne.

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      Prosecco (Champagne)
    • Sandalwood Amber

      Sandal Ambra

      A complex, dry and woody fragrance rooted in rich sandalwood. Subtle bergamot and lavender add a touch of brightness, while notes of soft amber, musk, leather and vanilla bean round out this deep scent evoking warmth and sophistication.

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      Sandalwood Amber
    • Santorini

      A medley of crisp citrus and green notes artfully paired with
      exotic spice and natural wood essences. Top notes of vibrant
      Italian bergamot sweet verbena and fresh vetiver are enhanced
      by the subtle sweetness of rosewood, warm sandalwood and
      aromatic cardamom.

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    • Takashimaya

      Notes of amber, exotic musk and vanilla lay the groundwork for this beautiful and sophisticated scent. Exotic spice, coriander and hints of pine mingle with neroli, jasmine and lavender, resulting in a complex, deep and sumptuous fragrance.

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    • Tuberose, Hyacinth & Lily

      Tuberosa, Giacinto e Mughetto

      The inspired blending of both warm and cool floral notes.
      The heady aroma of the Tuberose flower is combined with
      the subtle aroma of the urn-shaped Hyacinth flower.
      Rounding out this blend is fragrant Lily of the Valley.
      A truly vibrant fragrance.

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      Tuberose, Hyacinth & Lily
    • Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin

      Vaniglia, Bourbon e Mandarino

      A delightful twist on a Vanilla-based fragrance. The sweet richness of warm Vanilla is paired with Mandarin of Sicily, a crisp full-bodied citrus fragrance. Rounding out this warm blend is the spicy essence of Bourbon. These combined elements result in something very unexpected and wonderful.

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      Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin
  • by Type

    Explore the art of ambiance with Antica through our extensive collection
    of complex fragrance fusions.

    • Citrus

      Invigorating, crisp and effervescent. These scents are bursting with ripe citrus fruits
      such as mandarin, lemon and grapefruit. Bergamot & Ocean Aria is a favorite for a living room, while Grapefruit is a crisp kitchen scent. Our Lemon, Verbena & Cedar is perfect for any powder room. Explore our favorite citrus-infused scents and bring a bright and exhilarating fragrance into your home.

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    • Fresh

      Sparkling, refreshing and clean. Ozonic marine notes,
      sparkling citrus and herbal notes result in delightful freshness.

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    • Green Floral

      Bright, fresh and mesmerizing florals. Built on classic white florals and
      a touch of cut greens or citrus to create a soft and clean scent.

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      Green Floral
    • Heady Floral

      Intoxicating, feminine and full floral experience.
      Tuberose, gardenia , jasmine and rose embody
      are the main characters in these florals.

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      Heady Floral
    • Limited Edition

      New seasons bring new inspiration. Our Limited Edition Collection keeps
      Antica favorites available, regardless of the season.

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      Limited Edition
    • Warm

      Get cozy with the sweet richness of Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin,
      or fall in love with our wood infused and earthy Sandalwood Amber. Peruse our exotic, rich and captivating must-have scents for fall.

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