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What is it about you that gives you such freedom? It is that you have learned that you can break the rules, but still appreciate them for what they are? Nature does this.

Flowers will bloom when they are ready, spring may be late, and you too, will evolve when you see fit! Whether you are exploring nature or discovering your spiritual side, it will be on your terms and it will feel natural.

You crave the energizing and soothing elements of the outdoors – whether athletically exploring the deep waters of the ocean, reveling in the colors of
sunsets on horseback, or hiking the trails of faraway mountains.

The Naturalist

  • Acqua

    Reminiscent of a delicate sea breeze, aqua is a blend of sweet musk and the cool blue notes of marine algae. A favorite of those who prefer a light fresh unisex fragrance.

  • Ala Moana

    Reminiscent of the lush humid nights experienced on the islands of the tropics, this signature scent, meaning "path to the sea" is a beautiful heady floral. Night blooming jasmine, plumeria, tuberose and gardenia create an intoxicating floral blend. Refreshing lush green notes add a crisp clean infusion to this luscious scent.

  • Grapefruit

    Antica’s intricate expression process of the grapefruit peel results in a clean and invigorating fragrance that captures the essence of pure single-note grapefruit. An Italian favorite for centuries, Grapefruit is adored in any are of the home and loved by both men and women.

  • Sandalwood Amber

    A complex, dry and woody fragrance rooted in rich sandalwood. Subtle bergamot and lavender add a touch of brightness, while notes of soft amber, musk, leather and vanilla bean round out this deep scent evoking warmth and sophistication.