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Find Your Fragrance

There is a luxurious quality and seductive power in fragrance...

Find Your Fragrance

  • By Lifestyle

    Where would you rather be and who might you like to be? How do your aesthetic preferences, your passions and your dreams drive your fragrance selections?
    We believe they are deeply connected, and as you see our collections, we invite
    you to experience your own personal journey of fragrance discovery.

    • The Romantic

      You are a woman who is not bound by a set of rules imposed by others. You make your own and they are beautiful. You take your inspiration from experiences that surround you – timeless literature, poetry, exotic travel and your dreams.

      You have a lot of all things beautiful and evocative: vintage fashion and the perfect feminine dress that transports you. You love to dance and an island getaway is a heavenly retreat. The scent of possibilities can transport you to places that are mystical fantasies – giving you a taste of the exotic – while a quiet dinner for two in a little bistro on the Rive Gauche is equally mesmerizing. You are the ultimate romantic and your fragrance tells your story.

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      The Romantic
    • The Classic

      You know that in order to understand life, you must understand what existed before. You have read the classics and love the feeling of tradition and proportion. You know that grace is a virtue that extends itself in a fulfilled life – not too loud or proud, for you don't need to be; your quiet elegance speaks for itself.

      You believe that what worked yesterday will work today and will work tomorrow. The always-perfect little black dress. The destination you visit year after year. You believe in balance throughout all aspects of your life. Your classic aesthetic appeal: antiques, white flowers, navy and camel, and the oh-so-perfect strand of pearls.

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      The Classic
    • The Naturalist

      What is it about you that gives you such freedom? It is that you have learned that you can break the rules, but still appreciate them for what they are? Nature does this.

      Flowers will bloom when they are ready, spring may be late, and you too, will evolve when you see fit! Whether you are exploring nature or discovering your spiritual side, it will be on your terms and it will feel natural.

      You crave the energizing and soothing elements of the outdoors – whether athletically exploring the deep waters of the ocean, reveling in the colors of
      sunsets on horseback, or hiking the trails of faraway mountains.

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      The Naturalist
    • The Modernist

      You love simplicity in form and function. Those that know you know that you balance your lean modern aesthetic with luxurious details. How do you make it all look so simple? Your love of beauty and all things sculptural – from the buzz of an art gallery opening to your attention of the perfectly organic twig – shows that your eyes see things artfully.

      Could it be that you live in the moment with a keen awareness of the need to preserve our environment for those yet to come, or is your creative spirit your guide? Less is more in your world. The way we live is the way we are. No one understands that more than you.

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      The Modernist
    • The Fashionista

      You love beautiful things...and why shouldn't you? They don't define who you are, you choose them deliberately! You know that style is not something that can be acquired; you feel it and it guides you.

      You love the balance of high and low, fashion-forward and classic, sleek and fierce. Your edge is subtle, but merging it with classic chic makes perfect sense to you. Your passion for the city – the latest haunts and the energy of the nightlife – meets your love for the country – streamside picnics, falling asleep to rustling trees, waking to the chirping of birds. Your beautiful spirit, adorned magically, captures the imagination like none other.

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      The Fashionista
    • The Man

      You are man...built on confidence, style, strength and, oh yes, simplicity.
      Inspired by the rev of an engine, the crashing sound of waves, the crackling
      of the perfectly built fire, the sheer freedom of wide-open outdoor space or
      the thrill of sinking a downhill winding putt. It's not what you do, it's how you
      do it.

      Whether its the comfort of a rustic cabin, the buzz of the city, or the sleek
      aesthetic of modern – you are a man built on memories. Memories of the
      perfect cigar, the perfectly chilled scotch and the perfect cast with your
      father's fly rod. Acutely aware of what you see, what you hear and what
      you smell.

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      The Man