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Hotel Partnerships

Hotel Partnerships

  • Hotel Bel-Air

    A breathtaking fragrance that captures the magnificence of the gardens of the Hotel Bel-Air. Fresh bright notes of lemon, neroli and jasmine are accented by sparkly notes of bitter orange leaf. A complex woody accord blends with subtle marine musk evoking the splendor of Hotel Bel-Air.

  • Montage Deer Valley

    Inspired by the rustic beauty of the Deer Valley Montage property, Antica launches Lemon, Verbena & Cedar as their signature scent. Invigorating notes of tart lemon, orange and lemongrass mingle with notes of fresh Italian Verbena. Subtle ozonic white florals follow and rounding out this scent is a delicate earthiness built on notes of cedarwood. A fresh, complex citrus experience reflective of this spectacular mountain property.

  • Montage Laguna Beach

    Inspired by the beauty of the Montage Laguna Beach Property, Antica Farmacista is thrilled to announce two fragrances, Oceano Breeza & Lemon Verbena, exclusively created for Montage Laguna Beach.

    The Coastal setting of this exquisite hotel property was the natural inspiration for both fragrances. Nestled into the hillside of Laguna Beach and perched above the crashing saltwater, this property exudes an overall freshness. Building a scent on bright Citrus notes, reminiscent of the southern California spirit, while incorporating an unquestionable coastal saltwater note, was the ultimate goal. Both Oceano Breeza and Lemon Verbena decidedly capture the effervescence and beauty of Montage Laguna Beach.

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  • Montage Beverly Hills

    Montage Beverly Hills, known for its highly sophisticated style, is represented by Antica Farmacista’s Pomegranate. This scent captures the glamour of Hollywood in the 20's and 30's. The Mediterranean aesthetic of the property, surrounded by citrus trees was the perfect inspiration for the hotel’s signature scent. The Montage Beverly Hills Pomegranate fragrance captures the freshness of citrus notes and the subtle mesmerizing floralcy of lemon and orange blossoms. A complex pomegranate note infuses a spicy warmth to the scent, which beautifully complements the sparkling effervescence of this fragrance.

  • The Beverly Hills Hotel

    Inspired by the tranquil beauty of The Beverly Hills Hotel, Antica launches Lush Palm as their signature scent. A fresh crisp citrus and green palm balance beautifully with subtle floral heart of night blooming jasmine, and elegant lily of the valley. Earthy cedarwood lends a richness while a cascade of crisp water notes results in an intoxicating freshness, reflecting the tranquility and glamour of this iconic hotel property.

  • The Royal Hawaiian

    Inspired by the fragrant flowers, soft trade winds and tropical beauty of the islands, this exclusive scent captures the extraordinary experience of the Royal Hawaiian. It’s intoxicating blend of night blooming jasmine, plumeria, tuberose and gardenia is a sweet reminder of the romance, luxury and exotic elegance that makes the Royal Hawaiian Hotel unforgettable.